Fitting the wiring loom

This engine is a Chinese CG200 Shineray, it comes with a starter motor, and the wiring is has a whole lot of connectors specifically for the starter. There isn’t room on the bike for a battery, so we can’t use the electric start. I have worked put the bits that aren’t required. Namely the fuse, relay assembly, starter button, so I have unplugged these, and cut the heavy earth wire out of the loom. This has reduced the components down to the CDI, Capacitor, kill switch, spark plug lead, and the ignition.

With a little bit of messing about I found a place for all the components. I made a hanger for the capacitor, I wasn’t sure what needed earthing so I googled it and found what i needed to know. Ned had a friend over after school and all 3 boys were keen as to help.They fitted the muffler, the brake and clutch levers, but i still hadn’t hooked up the electrics and I had to fabricate a hanger for the capacitor. The boys got sick of waiting and took off to play. When the boys came back, I said it was ready for a test, they gave it a go, but in the end I had to give it a go. After a few kicks it started, all 3 boys and one Dad were pretty pleased.

Muffler fitting

The new engine and the old muffler did not fit, I wondered for a while about  size muffler this engine would need but decided to cobble together a muffler from my spare parts that came with the bike. (The boys had been trying to convince me to sell the whole lot and “Just buy one that works Dad”) I figured that would have been too easy, and taught them nothing. It is feeling like we are almost there, the final bits need to be fitted and then we will see if it actually works!

20150910_135641     20150912_104824

The end of the header pipe & Mr Winmill helping Engineer a flange

Some of my finest welding on this muffler 🙂



The new header pipe with the new flange fitted


The Muffler in place, it fits!

Making the larger Engine Fit



We reused the original front bracket, with an extra hole drilled to suit the engine. We will also need some spacers on the front downtube


These are the new cleats for the bottom fixing point.


Engine in place, and seeing if the Carburetor fits.

Top mount for engine

Engine with top cleat and carbie fitted. I cant believe it all lines up!

School Holidays 2015

XR100 200cc engine

200cc Engine fitted to XR100 Frame

The boys have a To-Do list for the holidays, and work on the XR was near the top. After a long hiatus I have a little more time on my hands. I set up the frame on the work bench in the garage, minus the rear wheel. Ned made up a small skate board to sit the engine on, so it was easy to maneuver and a car jack on that to lift it up and down. We did a test fit and identified 2 lugs that needed to be removed to allow it to slide into place. these will need to be replaced with lugs in new locations anyhow. So there is a bit of work to do over the holidays.

Fitting the engine to the frame.




After a whole lot of putting it off to another day, I finally got around to welding up the cleats and the down tube of the frame. I would say success was mixed, it all went well fot the top and bottom cleats (Under the footpegs) but the down tube is pretty thin and I used an arc welder which blew holes in it. I patched it as good as I could. I probably should have used a MIG welder, but I don’t know much about welding and I was using what I had (Thanks Kelvin for the use of your welder!). It now fits in, and is bolted up. The carb was a tighter fit than I would have liked but the throttle cable seems to clear everything.